It was established in 2022 in Turkey. It has the capacity to produce ready-made clothing products with its professional team.
We can develop any sample to suit your requirements and specifications.
You can also choose from our large collection of both men’s and women’s clothing.
Do you have your own drawings or designs?
Send them to us and our designer team will create a sample for you in our Türkiye or Vietnam office and send it to any part of the World for your approval.
Weaving production for our garments is one of the best in the world.
Our experienced woven fabrication experts carefully select which material to use to fulfil the purpose of each production.
Our quality control team runs pre-production tests on all our components to ensure the finished product fully meets all our customers’ specifications.
From design, development and production to in-line inspections and shipments. We assure you that all your garment outsourcing will be handled smoothly and with the utmost care.